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This page is dedicated to the teaching of effective combat training techniques for actors. From safe fighting and falling techniques to fight arranging and weapons training and how to "sell" the effectiveness of the techniques.


I have worked in film and TV for a number of years.


Some of the productions I have worked on include Midsommer Murders, Ultimate Weapon, Vanity Fair, King Arthur, Friends and Crocodiles, Anno Domini and at the moment I am working as fight/stunt arranger and actor.


The skills I am able to help you with are:


Stage fighting ( basic, martial arts inc striking ,locking ,throwing etc)

Various styles of sword training (inc. Japanese(Katana) and european (fencing, broadswords, Gladius etc)

Knife training

Stick/Staff fighting

Chain and Rope techniques

Firearms and disarming

improvised weapons

Fight Arranging


I am able to offer personal or group tuition here or I can travel to you. If you would like to discuss your needs, please drop me a mail at ojika@hotmail.co.uk


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